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Culture, art and tradition

Buchen, as a regional centre, meets all the requirements in the cultural sector with its comprehensive selection of institutions and events.

Especially worth mentioning are the regional museum, one of the most extensive folkloristic museums in southern Germany with varying special exhibitions and the folkloristic library, as well as the new modern public library.

And obviously also the theatre performances of the Baden national company

> www.dieblb.de

Equally worth mentioning are the concert series “Buchen in concert”, featuring excellent classical concerts of international standard, political comedy and jazz performances.
> www.bucheninconcert.de

Various local traditions are being cultivated in Buchen and its neighbourhoods.
One annual highlight has to be the famous “Buchener Faschenacht” (carnival). Equally traditional it the Buchen Schützenmarkt (marksmen’s festival), a regional fun fair, held in the first week of September.  In 1986 Buchen hosted the “Heimattage (‘local days’) Baden-Württemberg” and the European Jugendmusikfestival (youth music festival) „Eurotreff-Musik“ has already taken place twice, in 1991 and 1996. There are also around 150 associations (including 16 choirs and 10 musical societies), an important part of the cultural activities in our town.
More information on the various associations can be found in our database (German). The oldest society in Buchen, the Schützengesellschaft (marksmen’s society), has a long tradition reaching back over 175 years.

Talking about music:

one of the main associations has to be the Stadtkapelle (city marching band) Buchen. Founded in 1893, they are the musical representatives of Buchen. A society representing the town not with words but with (musical) notes - this is how it is put in their charter. The Stadtkapelle has their own concerts and provides the musical framework for many local and clerical events. The wide spectrum of the brass band ranges from traditional folk music to marches, polkas, rock- and pop songs. The ambitious musicians are welcome guests even outside Buchen’s city limits.


Marksmen's Festival (Schützenmarkt)

SchützenmarktThe Buchen Schützenmarkt is a traditional fun fair for the whole region. It is held in the first week of September and combines the fun fair with a market event.

As in most rural areas, community life in Buchen is mainly organised by local associations. The oldest society in Buchen, the marksmen’s corps, founded in 1822 as a people’s guard, has from the beginning focused on sociability.

The initial marksmen’s shooting event in September has in 1830 turned into the Schützenmarkt, a festival approved by the marksmen’s corps. In 1859 the corps became the Schützengesellschaft (marksmen’s society), which is still hosting the annual Buchen Schützenmarkt in the first week of September. The festival is one of the biggest local fun fairs and attracts thousands of visitors from all over.

Even though today’s festival features many neon coloured rides, stalls, snack bars and fortune games, many traditional customs of the “old” festival have survived.  

The marksmen still march out into the streets of Buchen (accompanied by many local societies) to inaugurate the festival and the still establish a Schützenkönig (king of marksmen) in the middle of the week.


Carnival (Faschenacht)

CarnivalThe famous “Buchener Faschenacht”, with a tradition reaching back over 500 years, has turned Buchen into the carnival centre of the Baden part of Franconia.  The carnival association “FG Narrhalla” was founded in 1879 by the amalgamation of individual carnival societies.

Hundreds of “Huddelbätzen”, the famous Buchen carnival figure, entertain the crowd with their singing and dancing. They are present at the traditional Buchen “Gänsemarsch” on Carnival Sunday and the big procession on Shrove Monday.

The well-known Buchen carnival slogan “Hinne houch” (‘up at the back’) can be heard in all the colourfully decorated streets and alleys. Also present at every event is the “Buchener Blecker”, the medieval symbol of the Buchen carnival. Everyone has to pay their respect by kissing its backside, a ‘must’ during the carnival week. The importance of the Buchen Faschenacht becomes obvious when looking at the success of the “FG Narrhalla” which has hosted the international carnival festival (Narrentreffen) three times already, in 1980, 1990 and 2002. With their colourful appearance and their temperament they impress local and international audiences. Their connections reach far beyond the city limits.

More information on the Buchen Faschenacht:
> www.huddelbaetze.com

The different Buchen neighbourhoods also cultivate their carnival traditions. During the carnival week, not only the “Narrhalla”, but also the “Hettemer Fregger”, the “Heeschter Berkediebe”, the “Getzemer Narre”, the “Götzianer Heddebör”, the “Hauschemer Klingemänner” and the “Beddemer Hannmertli” all know how to party!


Music School

musikschule.jpgThe Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School in Buchen was founded in 1991 and today it presents itself as an efficient musical educational institution with a highly diversified selection of subjects.

They include the parent-child group “Mobile”, early musical education, and individual and group lessons for pupils, adolescents and adults, teaching them to play a variety of musical instruments. On offer are lessons in the following subjects: voice classes (classical and jazz/pop music), singing classes, string instruments (violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass), woodwind instruments (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), brass instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, bugle, trombone, tenor horn, baryton, tuba), plucked string instruments (guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar), keyboard instruments (piano, piano improvisation, accordion, keyboard) and drums (drum set, vibraphone). Worth mentioning is also the availability of special subjects for handicapped persons, such as “musical therapy” and “Playing an instrument with handicapped persons in music schools”.

The competition “Jugend musiziert” (‘young persons making music’) has for years been very important for the Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School. Proof for the very good quality of learning is the high number of awardees, both local as well as nation-wide and ranging throughout all the different categories of the competition.

As part of preparation for a university degree, the Music School offers lessons in musical theory. Playing music in groups is encouraged in various ensembles such as the Big Band, the Guitar Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble, the symphony orchestra and many other smaller groups.  These ensembles represent the Music School with their regular performances at events and festivals. In 2008 a total of 750 students have been taught by 45 teachers at the Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School.

The Art School Buchen, founded in 2007 as a cooperation of the freelance artist Bichan Maschajechi with the Music School, offers tuition for children and adults in the following subjects: fine art, drawing, printing and ceramics. For more information contact the Music School Buchen or the Art School Buchen via www.maschajechi.de    

Contact information: 
Joseph-Martin-Kraus-Musikschule • Obergasse 1 • 74722 Buchen • Germany
Director: Michael Wüst
Office: Ms Johann • Phone: +49 6281 556500 • Fax: +49 6281 556501


Regional museum (Bezirksmuseum)

museum.jpgThe Regional Museum possesses one of the most comprehensive folkloristic collections in the Baden part of Franconia.

Dating from the first examples of the settlement in our area to documents on the town history, historic craft and farming tools, religious folk art, Odenwald ceramics, a diverse collection of paintings (for example from the famous painter of battles, Wilhelm Emelé, and the Hollerbach Malerkolonie (painter’s colony)) up to the tastefully furnished peasant and middle-class parlours, including the Kraus-chamber with mementos of the German-Swedish composer Joseph Martin Kraus (1756 - 1792). The visitor gets to vividly experience history in the museum.

The museum furthermore hosts several important special collections such as the music collection Vleugel, the folk song collection Brosch and the photographic archive Karl Weiß.  

Special exhibitions and regular talks and concerts further enhance the versatile program offered by the museum. The Heimatbücherei (folk library) "Zwischen Neckar und Main" (‘Between the rivers Neckar and Main’) is affiliated with the museum. This historic specialist library is funded by the town of Buchen and taken care of by the association of the Regional Museum. It contains over 10,000 volumes.

For more information go to
> www.bezirksmuseum.de


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