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Start-up business support

Having a good idea and a business plan are key elements to creating a successful enterprise. The real challenge, however, lies in the implementation of your ideas.

Do not let yourself get deterred and make use of our experienced partners. The city of Buchen understands the importance of business development and promotion, and can offer advice on the procurement of industrial real estate as well as help with the communication with public authorities.

Business contact:
City Council Buchen • Wimpinaplatz • 74722 Buchen (Odenwald)
Mayor Roland Burger • Phone: +49 6281 31-100 • Fax: +49 6281 31-200

Main advice services:
Advice on the procurement of developed and undeveloped trade- and industrial real estate, assistance with building permit applicationa, communication with publich authorities, and information on economic development schemes.


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Stadt Buchen (Odenwald)
Wimpinaplatz 3
74722 Buchen

Phone: +49 6281 31-0
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