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Open, lively and not commonplace

Buchen has done its homework: the basis for every form of development and progress is education.

That is why the community of course offers all classic school forms, from primary school (Grundschule) to secondary school (Gymnasium). In addition Buchen has a central vocational school (Zentralgewerbeschule) which includes various part-time vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen), a vocational college for engineering and technology (Berufskolleg Technik) with advanced technical college entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife), a professional technological school (Fachschule für Technik) and a technical secondary school (Technisches Gymnasium) with the focus on IT.

Education, vocational training, qualification – no problem in Buchen!


Dynamic & cooperative

Living XXL im IGOBuchen not only provides the premises for your commercial investments.

You can also find a wide selection of attractive building ground and flats. (German)

Fully developed and available in all kinds of areas and sizes you can wish for – ideal for the boss and his employees!  Buchen’s positive development is the logical result of a target-orientated effort. You can now profit from the experiences we have made in the course of our development and make use of the expertise we have thus acquired.

Our main goal is the stimulation of the economy.

Your first contact is always the mayor himself:
Mayor Roland Burger • Wimpinaplatz 3 • 74722 Buchen (Odenwald) • Germany
Phone: +49 62 81 31 100 • Fax: +49 62 81 31 200


And he will still be your main contact once you have successfully established your company. To maintain intensive business communications with enterprises has always been essential here in Buchen. As reference we can refer you to all of the local businesses, upon your request they will certainly be happy to provide you with further information.


The future in mind

IGObut not forgetting the present…

The economic spectrum of Buchen comprises a healthy mixture of manufacture, trade, craft, and provision of service. Buchen is home to a lot of distinguished and well-established companies producing branded articles being in great demand.

They range from car accessories to clay roof tiles, specialist machinery and sophisticated plastic cases, from plastic foil keyboards to photographic technology, material testing machines and cereal bars.

The fact that people in charge have mainly focused on medium sized businesses in the past decades proves them right. While elsewhere the number of employees is in constant decline, Buchen has experienced a continuing employment increase.

The registered office of the waste management society of the Neckar-Odenwald district is based in Buchen and thus provides the town with the most recent disposal facilities. The former district waste deposit site has been turned into the disposal centre Sansenhecken, an up and coming location with high-tech qualities.

The Stadtwerke (public services) Buchen GmbH have also turned into a successful regional power supply company a long time ago. Together with our partner, the MVV Energie AG, they offer cutting edge technology right at your doorstep: all throughout Germany these are the first public services the MVV takes a share in – a clear indication for the potential others see in us.


Innovative and future-oriented

Blick auf das IGOThe area constitutes our biggest plus! The business location Buchen is securely settled thanks to the abundance of something many others would like to have: acreage and property.

It provides us with development potential for the next decades. This is because Buchen has already many years ago embarked on a proactive and very successful path with its preparation of land for building. The result is that properties for businesses and also domestic buildings can only be purchased directly via the town administration .

The prices are bound to positively surprise you!

We can offer you attractive business plots in any requested size, according to your individual requirements. If requested, we also offer to reserve an additional plat up to the size of the original business estate of every new company. This reservation is of course free of charge and provides the opportunity to plan ahead for possible expansions.

There are the kinds of success stories that come with a big bang. Others, however, appear quietly in an unspectacular way. They are the logical consequence of target-oriented work. Buchen and the communities of Limbach and Mudau take credit for the success of the realisation of the up-to-date business park in Buchen:

In the inter-communal business park Odenwald (IGO) many businesses and companies have settled straight after its development.


The business location Buchen


Blick auf Buchen über die B27Buchen is an aspiring regional centre situated between the rivers Neckar and Main. With its 19,000 inhabitants, Buchen constitutes a connection point between the Odenwald and Bauland. The historic town centre is unaffected by through traffic and it is famous way beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg for its exemplary urban renewal.

The pedestrian zone, neat timber frame houses, modern hotels and convention centres, restaurants, cafés and profitable specialised shops bear witness both to a long tradition and also to the vibrant public life in the town centre. The cosy city centre on the one hand and the generously laid out development areas on the other – this is how tradition and progress harmonise both within and outside the city walls.

Buchen is able to record a strong and steady economic increase in the last couple of years. This is no coincidence but the result of unbureaucratic, flexible and future-oriented business development, enabling the town to prosper and become an efficient regional centre.

A purposefully developed infrastructure alongside low-priced industry and domestic building properties are Buchen’s bases for modern economic policies.


Location & how to get there

Buchen The choice of the right location is key to every business.

The business location Buchen is centrally located between Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mannheim/Heidelberg, Würzburg and Frankfurt and thus, as an up and coming dynamic location, combines innovative atmosphere with ideal accessibility. Therefore it is THE alternative for your business!


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