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The silhouette of Buchen im Odenwald

WIRTSCHAFTThe economic aspect of Buchen is a healthy mixture of production, trade, handcraft and service.

There is a series of international well-known companies, that produce active brand products. The variety includes car accessories, roof tiles, special machinery, exacting plastic housings as well as accessories for photographers and even muesli-bars.

Thanks to our policy of supporting the middle market, the economy and infrastructure of the town is constantly on the way up.

Eonomy information:
City of Buchen • Wimpinaplatz • 74722 Buchen (Odenwald) • Germany
Mayor Roland Burger • Phone: +49 6281 31-100 • Fax: +49 6281 31-200


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Stadt Buchen (Odenwald)
Wimpinaplatz 3
74722 Buchen

Phone: +49 6281 31-0
Fax: +49 6281 31-151